About Us

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Leadsark is an Educational hub that helps individuals, as well as emerging businesses upscale and grows at a fast pace. Our mentors are thought leaders and subject-matter experts with hands-on experience and a passion for sharing their knowledge with others.

LeadsArk started with one goal: to generate real online results for young and aspiring Online Business Entrepreneurs with a complete and comprehensive proven system. We transform the lives of these Entrepreneurs by empowering them with expert knowledge, skills and strategies to get remarkable results in the Digital world.
We also offer Affiliate Marketing opportunities to our enrolled Students with high profits and competitive commissions. The more you promote, the more you earn. Our core principle is - Success comes from working together

Leadsark has 75,000 + members in its robust online community globally.

Our community consists of our stalwarts and high flyers that share advice, tips, and feedback, host meetups, and push each other to improve and develop constantly, thus resulting in individual professional growth.

Leadsarkians are connected to one another by shared interests, visions and values aligned to our founder Mr Ayaz Mohammad, which helps enhance the image of our brand, encourages loyalty and increases sales. It’s a WIN-WIN situation overall and beneficial to everyone.


About The Founder

Mr Ayaz Mohammad the Founder/CEO of Leadsark is a recognized expert in Affiliate marketing globally.

He has created a proven system that consists of holistic storytelling strategies and a process that results in growing visibility across the digital ecosystem. He has helped (75,000+) beginners transform into Pros by training them with proven methods he has used himself as a successful online entrepreneur.