Learn How to Generate Highly Qualified Organic Leads




Are you struggling to get Online Sales?

Are you burning hell lot of money on Paid Ads / Solo Ads but still fail to generate enough leads?
You See, most of the people fail to get sales or in-turn fail to make money online because, either….
1. They DO NOT get enough Leads at all
2. They spend most of their time managing or convincing JUNK LEADS.

One Brilliant Idea Changed My life

It was early 2017 when I started Affiliate Marketing Business but failed to get any sales for almost 4 months. Of course, I tried to fix it:

I spent money on Ads; it didn’t work!
I spent money on Solo Ads, it didn’t work!
I joined different affiliate platforms; it didn’t work!
​I changed to different Products; it didn’t work!

”What’s wrong? Where’s the problem?”
I asked myself.

Ayaz Mohammad has helped more than 10,000 people how to do Affiliate Marketing Successfully and Make Money Online using free organic traffic method.

Then I found my SAVIORS….

I found a Mentor who taught me how to generate, or rather ATTRACT Quality Leads Organically using Social Media Platforms.
I started practicing that and slowly I started ATTRACTING Qualified Leads, who were ready to make purchase and do business with me.

And the Result? Boom… I made more than

30,000 USD in just 12 months

This is the POWER OF

30,000 USD in just 12 months

I made more than 30,000 USD in just 12 months Selling single product using FREE ORGANIC LEADS METHOD.

20,000 USD in just 8 months

I made more than 20,000 USD in just 8 months Selling single product using

2,57,000 INR In Just 7 Days

This is the POWER OF ORGANIC LEAD GENERATION STRATEGY. I made over 2,57,000 INR in Just 7 days.

What You Will Learn

The Best Social Media Strategies to generate hundreds of qualified leads every week

How to optimize your Facebook & Other Social Media Profile to hugely increase your visibility and generate LEADS

How to publish compelling contents to get you the results you want

How to Find, Connect and Engage with right Target Audience

How to convert your Facebook Profile into Lead Generation Machine to get consistent Leads every day, every week and every month.

How to generate high engaging leads using Instagram

​How to generate highly qualified leads using LinkedIn

How to use FREE Lead Magnet Strategy to build your own list

Introducing 4 – Steps Sales System

You just need to follow below FOUR Steps to get Hundreds of sales every month and in-turn make Tons of Money Online.

Why LeadsArk Works

LeadsArk is a game-changing training program specially designed for Affiliate Marketers, Internet Marketers, and Network Marketers for both High-Ticket and Low-Ticket Offers.

For ALL Frustrated

Affiliate Marketers, Internet Marketers, and Network Marketers

Who struggle to sell their Products / Services

Who don’t know how to get enough quality leads daily

Who can’t turn visitors to customers profitably

Who don’t want to risk tons of money in ads,

Who don’t want to spam Facebook groups with their offers

who don’t want to waste hours on junk leads who eventually don’t buy.

Why LeadsArk

Here are the 4 reasons why “LeadsArk” is the best Lead Generation Training for YOU….

Personal Branding:

It helps you to create your own personal brand and place you in authority position.

Higher Sales Conversion Ratio:

Leads generated organically are much highly convertible in compare to the leads generated traditional ways of paid marketing.

Zero Marketing Cost :

In business, every penny saved is added to the profit. LeadsArk helps to create step by step process to get highly qualified leads daily without spending a penny on any paid ads.

Customers for Life:

LeadsArk teaches you to create long term strategy to generate leads and helps you to engage them for exceptionally long period.

Know Your Coach

Ayaz Mohammad

Hi, my name is Ayaz Mohammad, Specialist in Organic Lead Generation and Affiliate Marketing Coach.

We have two things in common:

1. I am an Internet Marketer and Affiliate Marketer (just like you).

I’m grateful that in the last 3 years I’ve had the opportunity to coach more than 10,000 Affiliate Marketers helping them how to generate quality leads organically and make money online.

2. I also struggled a lot in starting to generate quality leads and getting sales (just like you).

But I know how important is to get Quality Leads. Without quality leads, I wouldn’t have been able to sell all the products I have been promoting for so long. So I had no choice, I had to learn it, practice it, and master it.

I clearly remember how hard it was at the beginning. And I don’t want you to experience the same, burning money in paid ads and long-long hours of hard work without any quality leads and without any sales.

I felt HORRIBLE and overwhelmed during these moments. That was…


The Reason Why I Created “LeadsArk

I don’t want you to feel horrible. Overwhelmed. And frustrated.   Thanks to “LeadsArk…

You NEVER EVER have to now struggle to get quality leads every day. Never Ever! Trust me and join the course and I assure you that this is one of the best decisions you would have ever made.       

See you in the training”

Make Money Online

LeadsArk is not just about learning… It’s also about building a Solid and Long Lasting Online Business with Passive Income Opportunity.

earn money leadsark
Our Leveraged Affiliate Program is more than just any other affiliate program.
It’s a proven solution for you to earn a solid income and passive income in a proven and growing niche, by promoting the high-demand product at an irresistible price.

Commission You Can Earn By Promoting LeadsArk

Personal Sales Commissions

Real People, Real Results

Frequently Asked Question

Who is this Training Course for?

The “LeadsArk” training course is specially designed for Affiliate Marketers, Internet Marketers and Network Marketer.

How is it different from other courses?

It’s not just a course. It’s pure action-based step-by-step process training which can help you to generate 25 to 30 highly qualified leads organically using social media.
You don’t need to spend money on any Paid Ads, Just follow the steps given in the training… that’s it.

Is the content available right away?

Yes, you get access to the membership area instantly.
I don’t have too many contacts in my Facebook account, How will I be able to generate Leads?
You don’t need to promote any product to your existing contacts or friends. In “LeadsArk” you learn how to identify your target audience available in Social Media platforms and generate leads.

I’m bad at writing content. I mean… really BAD! Can this work for me?

No worry at all, in “LeadsArk” we teach different kinds of content you can post and how to source it. Practicing it will surely help you to improve your content writing skills as well.

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